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The Company


The High Quality from our Marine Hoses

Flexomarine is in the Market since 1978, more than 37 years manufacturing high quality marine hoses, followed by more than 14.000 hoses (see reference list) supplying to around the whole world wide (see clients and projects).


Flexomarine is fully certified under OCIMF/GMPHOM 2009: ISO 9001:2008 within the whole package of Prototype Certificates: from 6” to 24” up to 21 bar Double and Single Carcass design:

The factory

Flexomarine plant has capacity to produce more than 1.100 hoses per year. 13 construction machines fully deployed with a complete calandering system to support all rubber and fabric rubberizing procedures. A powerful steam generator plus three big autoclaves set, ensure the mentioned capability. Hoses can be offered on black rubber with orange stripes, or fully orange polyurethane covered.

Manufacturing Process

All hoses have its own traceability registered inside our Production Record System, where every step of fabrication is registered with the information from each lote of raw material used in the respective fabrication process, controlled by various Holding points for quality and inspection control. Traceability is well designed for 112 steps of construction and found registered under 23 different sheets of setup control (see pages 2/23 and 23/23).

Quality Control

Flexomarine has a complete laboratory to test and control all raw materials used for hoses fabrication. A dynamometer is used for tensile strength testing and elongation at break; other to control the adhesion from the rubber to the fabric. A rheometer is also used to check the vulcanization torque.

Final Tests

After production, all the hoses are one by one well tested: bending, vacuum, hydrostatic, elongation and etc… Considering the new GMPHOM 2009, Flexomarine owns a specific testing machinery system for tensile strength testing once required.


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