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SINGLE CARCASS 15 bar 1000 Series

SINGLE CARCASS 19 bar 1000 Series

SINGLE CARCASS 21 bar 1000 Series

RT DOUBLE CARCASS 15 bar 7000 Series

RT DOUBLE CARCASS 19 bar 7000 Series

RT DOUBLE CARCASS 21 bar 7000 Series

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Monobuoy Floating Hoses

Flexomarine's Monobuoy Floating Hoses are unquestionably the ideal choice when it comes to buoy frame connections.

Exceptional quality of these hoses is evidenced by the reinforced ends, which not only guarantee exceptional durability, but also reliable performance in all sea conditions.

An outstanding feature of the Monobuoy Floating Hoses is the possibility of opting for a single or double housing.

This innovation, together with Flexomarine's complete design, provides a significant increase in the reliability of the hoses, which is extremely important for reinforcing safety during operations.

Even in situations of wear and tear, this additional layer of protection considerably minimizes the risk of leaks on the high seas, guaranteeing peace of mind and compliance with the highest safety standards.

Another notable advantage is the versatility of Monobuoy Floating Hoses. They are available in different minimum bend configurations, allowing it to be adapted according to the specific needs of each project.

Furthermore, the ability to maintain electrical continuity is an additional feature that makes these hoses highly flexible and ready for a wide range of marine applications.

When you choose Flexomarine's Monobuoy Floating Hoses, you are opting for a complete and reliable solution for your maritime operations!

Why buy Monobuoy Floating Hoses from Flexomarine?

Flexomarine is the undisputed leader in the manufacturing of Floating and Submarine Hoses for the Offloading segment.

Our successful track record is built on an unwavering commitment to cost-effectiveness, excellent service and a complete infrastructure that allows us to deliver exceptional results.

Integrating marine and submarine hoses with anti-pollution and zero-defect designs, Flexomarine is the only company in its sector to offer more than 95% local Brazilian content.

Succeeding worldwide in supplying hoses with a variety of scopes, Flexomarine materials cover a wide range of challenges in the field.

This extensive list of achievements not only attests to our expertise, but also reinforces our reputation as a reliable partner for all your Monobuoy Floating Hoses needs.

When you choose Flexomarine, you are choosing a company that is synonymous with exceptional quality and continuous innovation. Contact us!