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This Data Privacy and Security Policy (“Policy”) defines the guidelines for the treatment and protection of personal information collected during access and use of the digital contract signature service, proof of authenticity of WEB content and other electronic documents.


The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify this Policy, including new rules, conditions and/or restrictions, and must communicate this to the User through the Service"s use platforms, including the Application and/or the Website. The continued access and/or use of the Service by the User will imply automatic acceptance of any updates thereto.


When accessing the Website, regardless of registration, certain information (data about the browser used, type of device, time spent, IP address, operating system, browser, browser language, time zone, local time and geolocation) will be stored on servers used by the Company.

This and other personal information captured from Users and Signatories is necessary for their identification in the context of accessing and using the Services. In addition, the Company also uses data for marketing and communication purposes, including the dissemination of products, services, activities, promotions, campaigns and events in which the Company takes part, as well as user support information, via email and /or SMS.


The information captured will be stored and comply with strict confidentiality and security standards, such as encryption. However, it is important that the user is aware that due to the very nature and technical characteristics of the Internet, this protection is not infallible and is subject to violation by the most diverse malicious practices. Such information will be used internally for operational and strategic purposes, involving the administration of the Website and the Service, including, among other things, carrying out statistics and studies, traffic analysis, administration, management, expansion and improvement of the Service"s functionalities, for customization . The credit or debit card numbers provided by Users are only used to process payments for the Services provided, and are not stored in a database.


Regarding the evidence collection service regarding online content, the Company will cryptographically store the data referred to in topic 3 on its own server, securely and protected against loss, misuse and unauthorized access. This data will only be used for the specific purpose for which it was collected and authorized. The hashes of the generated reports are also stored and linked to each user"s accounts. Other data collected will be stored as long as necessary for user activity


The Company may share the personal data collected with its partners so that they can notarize the generated report. Please note that these websites have their own privacy policies, for which the Company is not responsible. No documents and/or personal information will be disclosed and/or shared under any circumstances, except if expressly authorized by the User and/or Signatory or by court order or legal determination. No documents and/or personal information will be sold and Users" personal information will not be exposed individually to any third parties, except as established herein or in accordance with the Law and by court order.


The User guarantees and is responsible for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal photos and other information that he/she may provide for use of the Service, committing to keep them updated. The Company has no responsibility in the event of false data or inaccuracy being entered, and may, at its sole discretion, suspend and/or cancel the User"s registration at any time if any inaccuracy is detected. The Company"s users, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, have guaranteed rights to: - Transparency, information, access and notification, in order to be aware of the treatment given to their data; - Rectification of incorrect data and filling in incomplete data; - Deletion, which can be requested by the user, in addition to being carried out automatically in cases provided for by law, such as in the event that they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected; - Opposition regarding the possibility of receiving direct communications via email and/or SMS; - Withdrawal of consent for the collection and use of data, at any time; - Not being subject to automated decisions, in order to request human intervention whenever they deem it necessary; - Portability, requesting the transfer of your data to third parties.


Registering as a user to use the Service (“User”) implies full and irrevocable acceptance of all current terms and conditions published by the Company on electronic channels. User registration also authorizes the Company to prepare reports on contracts and/or other documents signed and make these reports available to the User and/or other Signatories.


The Company may send communications and advertising messages to the User using all available technologies and means of communication, whether by email, SMS, MMS, direct mail and others. All electronic newsletters and advertising messages sent by email will always have an option to cancel sending that type of message. Cancellation will be carried out within the minimum time necessary. Messages and notifications related to the Service cannot be canceled, except if the User"s own registration is canceled. If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact us.

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